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Speaking Appearance

Using legal psychedelic plant Salvia for healing & consciousness exploration

Twig Harper; Hosted by Mike Margolies

Filmed May 5, 2015 in Baltimore, MD

Conference Clip

2018 CryptoPsychedelic Summit sizzle reel

Filmed February 3, 2018 in Tulum, Mexico

Episode Clip

Michael Pollan on the Role of the Psychedelic Guide

In conversation w/ Mike Margolies

Livestreamed June 6, 2018 from San Francisco, CA

Speaking Appearance

Ibogaine Safety & Pros/Cons of Medicalization | Beyond Psychedelics 2018

Patrick Kroupa, Jeremy Weate, Natalie Ginsberg, Tobias Erny, & Mike Margolies

Filmed June 21, 2018 at Beyond Psychedelics, Prague, Czech Republic

Speaking Appearance

CryptoPsychedelic @ Beyond Psychedelics 2018

Matt McKibbin, Joel Dietz, Liana Gillooly, & Mike Margolies

Filmed June 23, 2018 at Beyond Psychedelics, Prague, Czech Republic

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelics: Disrupting Default Modes & Disintermediating Spirituality | AnarchaPortugal 2018

Liana Gillooly & Mike Margolies [starts at 4:49:11]

Livestreamed July 19, 2018 from AnarchaPortugal, Porto, Portugal

Speaking Appearance

CryptoPsychedelic @ Boom Festival 2018

Matt McKibbin, Mareesa Stertz, Joel Dietz, Liana Gillooly, & Mike Margolies

Filmed July 25, 2018 at Boom Festival, Portugal

Episode Clip

Bill Richards: What Makes a Good Psychedelic Therapist?

In conversation w/ Mike Margolies

Filmed October 3, 2019 in Baltimore, MD

Fundraising Clip

Help Psychedelic Seminars Go Digital!

Released February 4, 2020

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelics Today | Mike Margolies – Psychedelic Seminars: the Benefits, Risks, and Complexities of Psychedelics

Joe Moore & Kyle Buller interview Mike Margolies

Recorded via Zoom February 5, 2020

Preview Clip

Weaving Worlds: Indigenous Traditions & Western Psychotherapy

Eugenia Casimiro & Françoise Bourzat in conversation w/ Ismail Ali

Filmed February 14, 2020 in Berkeley, CA

Speaking Appearance

How do we Replace the War on Drugs with Education and Community? | Psychedelic Liberty Summit

Mike Margolies & Danielle Negrin

Livestreamed April 26, 2020

Speaking Appearance

North Star Town Hall

Liana Gillooly, Shirelle Noble, Dave McGaughey, Tim Chang, & Kat Conour, moderated by Mike Margolies

Recorded via Zoom May 8, 2020

Highlight Clip

Meet Psychedelic Seminars!

Released July 28, 2020

Speaking Appearance

The Dark Side of the Fungus | Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit 2020

Kyle Buller and Ido Cohen in conversation w/ Mike Margolies

Livestreamed September 17, 2020

Speaking Appearance

The Shadow of Mainstreaming Psychedelics | UK Psychedelic Society

Bia Labate, Dawn Davis, Alexander Beiner, & Mike Margolies, moderated by Anya Oleksiuk

Livestreamed November 23, 2020

Speaking Appearance

Storytelling the Psychedelic Renaissance | Plant Spirit Summit 2021

Shelby Hartman, Anya Oleksiuk, Mike Margolies, & Mareesa Stertz, moderated by Lorna Liana

Livestreamed February 22, 2021

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelic Stories @ Plant Spirit Summit 2021

Wade Davis, Paulo Sanson, Lorna Liana, Mareesa Stertz, Mike Margolies

Livestreamed February 26, 2021

Speaking Appearance

A Celebration of the Pioneering Legacy of Sasha and Ann Shulgin | Session 5: Towards a Sane and Healthy Future

Ann Shulgin, Michael Pollan, Bob Jesse, Dr. Julie Holland, moderated by Mike Margolies

Livestreamed June 27, 2021

Speaking Appearance

Elemental Meditations: You are Nature | Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit 2021

Daniel Shankin in conversation w/ Mike Margolies

Livestreamed September 16, 2021

Preview Clip

Psychedelics & Sensuality 360° Roundtable

Monica Cadena and others

Filmed February 13, 2022 in Berkeley, CA
Premiered April 4, 2022

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelic Q&A: The Drug War, Psychedelic Research, Sustainability, & Decrim

Mike Margolies

Filmed Oct 20, 2022 in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
Premiered November 28, 2022

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelic Stories | Paranoia, Facing Death, & Self-Love

Mike Margolies

Filmed in San Diego, CA
Premiered January 19, 2023

Speaking Appearance

Psychedelics Today | Reinventing Organizations, Lessons From Burning Man, and Batman & The Joker

Joe Moore interviews Mike Margolies

Recorded October 25, 2023 in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
Premiered January 9, 2024

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