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Psychedelics & Sensuality 360° Roundtable

Monica Cadena and others

Filmed February 13, 2022 in Berkeley, CA
Premiered April 4, 2022

Following Monica Cadena's Psychedelics & Sensuality conference 2022, we recorded a roundtable with a dozen speakers and attendees reflecting on everything that happened.

Here's a clip from the conversation recorded with a 360° camera. Rotate around to see the full room!

Full conversation audio available via Patreon.


Mike Margolies, Psychedelic Seminars

Ian Bollinger, Oakland Hyphae

Monica Cadena

Neil Gehani, Mind Lumen

Theresa Dixon

John Owens

Emily Savage, Oakland Hyphae

Matthew Duffy, SPORE

Xochitl Bernadette Moreno, Essential Food and Medicine

Dayana Mendoza, Heal the Heros

Jessica Travenia

X Razma

Ayize Jama-Everett

Jenica Soto, International Microdosing Association

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