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Storytelling the Psychedelic Renaissance | Plant Spirit Summit 2021

Shelby Hartman, Anya Oleksiuk, Mike Margolies, & Mareesa Stertz, moderated by Lorna Liana

Livestreamed February 22, 2021

In this Live Panel, Lorna Liana hosts a discussion with Shelby Hartman of DoubleBlind, Anya Oleksiuk of Psychedelic Society UK, Mike Margolies of Psychedelic Seminars, and Mareesa Stertz of Lucid News about the unique ethical challenges of documenting and portraying the ongoing Psychedelic Renaissance.

This Live Panel is part of the 2021 Plant Spirit Summit – an online conference bringing together over 50 psychedelic experts, facilitators, researchers and artists. You can gain lifetime access to all the conference recordings plus a huge bundle of psychedelic bonuses by clicking here.

More about this Live Panel:

How do we talk about plant spirit healing & psychedelic medicine in a grounded, evidence-based way that integrates scientific research, ancient wisdom, and shamanic states of consciousness?

How do we accurately portray what's going on behind the scenes of the expansion of psychedelic and plant medicine, while objectively representing all stakeholders, including ceremony facilitators and participants, indigenous communities, researchers, clinicians, and healing organizations, governmental and regulatory bodies, and companies racing to create psychedelic-based medications?

In this 90-minute panel discussion with psychedelic luminaries at the forefront of the Psychedelic Renaissance movement, discover what it takes to navigate hype, misinformation, unsubstantiated beliefs, bad science, pseudoscience, and anecdotal evidence in the quest for journalistic integrity at the intersection of science and shamanism.

The Panelists:

Shelby Hartman | DoubleBlind Magazine

Shelby Hartman is co-founder of DoubleBlind, a media company at the forefront of the psychedelic movement. Her work has appeared in VICE, Quartz, the Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone, among others.

*Where to Find Shelby*

All social media - @doubleblindmag

For project ideas and collaborations -

Anya Oleksiuk | Co-Director, Psychedelic Society UK

Anya is a documentary filmmaker, host and educator. She is a Co-Director of the Psychedelic Society UK, a founder and director of creative agency Triptika Studios, and a creator, director and producer of a not-for-profit documentary "The Psychedelic Renaissance". 

*Where to Find Anya*

Mike Margolies | Founder, Psychedelic Seminars

Mike Margolies is the founder of Psychedelic Seminars, an educational conversation series on psychedelics, and co-founder of the CryptoPsychedelic Summit. Mike started the Baltimore Psychedelic Society and has sparked and mentored similar groups around the world from San Francisco to DC to Portugal.

*Where to Find Mike*

Twitter: @mikemargolies

IG: @psychsems

Mareesa Stertz | Film maker, Lucid News

Mareesa Stertz is a filmmaker and host behind the GaiaTV series, The Healing Powers, a community organizer in the psychedelic space, and cofounder/media director at Lucid News.

*Where to Find Mareesa*

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