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Psychedelics Today | Mike Margolies – Psychedelic Seminars: the Benefits, Risks, and Complexities of Psychedelics

Joe Moore & Kyle Buller interview Mike Margolies

Recorded via Zoom February 5, 2020

Interview on Psychedelics Today


In this episode, Joe and Kyle chat with Mike Margolies from Psychedelic Seminars. They discuss Mike's projects in the psychedelic space, the nuances of decriminalization and legalization, and psychedelics and capitalism.

They cover topics including guests and conversations from Psychedelic Seminars, the decriminalization of all drugs, and the importance of allowing psychedelic use to be a part of training therapists for psychedelic therapy.

3 Key Points:

  1. Psychedelic Seminars is an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics.

  2. There are large topics of decriminalizing psilocybin or the movements for ‘decriminalize nature’, but the conversation on decriminalization of all drugs is rare, which is what’s really important.

  3. Some companies (MAPS for example) allow the option to use MDMA as a part of their therapist training program while other companies who are training therapists for psilocybin therapy, don’t have the option to use it. This leaves the question, “Should the psychedelic experience be part of the psychedelic therapy training?”

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