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Online Event

Underground Healing, Erotic Transference, & Psychedelic Ethics

"Taylor" in conversation with Mike Margolies

Streamed via Discord October 13, 2021

This is a replay of our live podcast streamed via Discord October 13, 2021.

MP3 download available via Patreon.


As the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy emerges into daylight, so too are new ethical challenges around consent, duty of care, and accountability.

Join us for an informal and nuanced conversation with therapist and psychedelic guide "Taylor" (pseudonym).

We will discuss what it means to meet the moment as ethical scandals, allegations, and conflicts emerge from the underground into more widespread awareness. We’ll open with questions like:

  • Where do traditional, medical-model ethical standards fall short when it comes to psychedelic therapy? Where are the ethical gaps?

  • What is the appropriate way to hold sexual or erotic energy in a psychedelic session? Who makes that decision?

  • Is it possible to standardize systems of accountability for things like attunement and intent vs impact while still keeping our humanity online in the therapy room?

  • How do we hold practitioners accountable when harm is caused without scapegoating systemic issues onto one person?

Taylor is a somatic and depth-oriented psychotherapist and psychedelic guide living and working in California. They have a background in progressive political activism, organizing, and strategy. They are a part of large underground communities in the Bay Area and beyond, but the comments and opinions shared in this interview are their own.


Referenced in this conversation:

In 2020, we featured Françoise Bourzat as one of our speakers in our Weaving Worlds episode.

In September 2021, two articles were published by Will Hall with allegations of ethical misconduct by Françoise Bourzat and her partner, Aharon Grossbard. Here are the articles and their responses:

Article referenced by Rebecca Martinez: "Accountability & Transformative Justice in the Psychedelic Space: A Roadmap for Change"

After this broadcast, an additional article with more allegations was published in November 2021 by Katie MacBride for Inverse: “Aharon Said It Was Healing.” Psychedelic-assisted therapy is bigger than ever, but it’s at risk of being compromised by alleged abuse.

Psychedelic Survivors is dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse/assault and/or direct personal harm within the context of psychedelic therapy, sessions or ceremony.

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