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Sex & Drugs

Britta Love & Leticia Brown in conversation w/ Laura Mae Northrup; Hosted by Kat Ebert

Streamed via Crowdcast May 10, 2021

This is a replay of our Crowdcast streamed May 10, 2021.


Sex and drugs elicit controversy, excitement, and the promise of healing.

What is the connection between the war on drugs and the war on sex work?

How are people using psychedelics to heal sexual trauma, and what sensitivities need to be considered?

How does shame impact desire, consent, and the ways we navigate sexual and psychedelic space?

What kinds of sex and drug education need to be integrated into the culture?

How can sex positive values inform psychedelic culture, and vice versa?

Join Britta Love, Leticia Brown, and Laura Mae Northrup in conversation exploring these intersections.


Britta Love (they/she) is a somatic sex educator currently completing a research-based memoir about healing and awakening through sex work, addiction, conscious sexual practice and psychedelic ritual.

Leticia Brown (she/her), LMFT is a Black queer femme, who works at the intersections of harm reduction, sexuality and social justice in her healing practice. She prioritizes work with BIPOC and QTBIPOC, particularly around issues of sexuality, with a liberatory lens that values communal interdependence.

Laura Mae Northrup (she/her), LMFT is a psychotherapist and host of the podcast Inside Eyes. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and political lens.

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