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Defunding Police & Ending Prohibition

Kassandra Frederique, Roman Haferd, Neill Franklin, Ifetayo Harvey

Streamed via Crowdcast July 25, 2020

This is a replay of our Crowdcast streamed July 25, 2020.


Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice series, part 3/4

The killing of George Floyd has once again put the spotlight on the ongoing systemic issues of racial injustice, police violence, and criminalization of marginalized BIPOC communities. The psychedelic community must stand in solidarity with wider activism for collective liberation, including and extending far beyond ending the war on drugs.

Where do we go from here? How do we build a better, more equitable and caring future?

Part 3: Defunding Police & Ending Prohibition

Where do we go from here? How do we build a better, more equitable and caring future?

What does the world look like after ending prohibition and all its systems of harm, including over-policing, surveillance, and mass incarceration?

What do the new systems look like, including restorative/transformative justice and reparations for drug war victims?

What can we learn from recent protests and Black Lives Matter?

How can the psychedelic community support the transition?


Kassandra Frederique is the incoming executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a national nonprofit that works to end the war on drugs. During her time at DPA, Frederique has built and led innovative campaigns around policing, the overdose crisis, and marijuana legalization—each with a consistent racial justice focus.

Robert "Roman" Haferd is a restorative justice practitioner, civil rights lawyer, and organizer. He has focused his career on advocating and building capacity with marginalized families, and on facilitating cooperative and beautiful interactions in challenging circumstances. Roman serves as the Restorative Justice Coordinator for the Attorney General of the District of Columbia, where he has helped build a first-of-its-kind restorative justice program inside Washington D.C.’s justice department.

Neill Franklin is Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP, formerly Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and a retired Major of the Maryland State and Baltimore City Police Departments. Following the tragic murder of his close friend, Corporal Ed Toatley, while making an undercover drug buy, Neill resolved to reform failed drug war policies.

Moderator Ifetayo Harvey is the Marketing Coordinator at the Drug Policy Alliance and Founder of the People of Color Psychedelic Collective. In Ifetayo’s free time, she enjoys TV, fitness, crafts and playing her euphonium or listening to music.

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