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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Through a Psychedelic Lens | CryptoPsychedelic Flashback #2

Max Borders, Shannon Ewing, Gary Lachance, Vinay Gupta, Jake Vartanian; Hosted by Mike Margolies

Streamed via Crowdcast March 7, 2021

This is a replay of our Crowdcast streamed March 7, 2021 during the CryptoPsychedelic Flashback series.

See CryptoPsychedelic hub page for full series.


The 2018 CryptoPsychedelic Summit brought leaders in blockchain and psychedelic science together to the gorgeous beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

At the 2021 CryptoPsychedelic Flashback, we're releasing the videos from the 2018 Summit and bringing back speakers for live roundtables.

Part 2: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Returning speakers reflected on 2 videos from the 2018 CryptoPsychedelic Summit (Demystifying Decentralization & Implications of Blockchain/Crypto Technology).

How has blockchain grown in the past 3 years? What are the new projections for the future? How does this connect with psychedelics?

Featuring (from top left):

Max Borders, Author of After Collapse and The Social Singularity

Shannon Ewing, Blockchain humanitarian

Gary Lachance, Decentralized Dance Party

Vinay Gupta, Ethereum

Jake Vartanian, Founder of Native

Hosted by Mike Margolies, Founder of Psychedelic Seminars


The CryptoPsychedelic Flashback is presented by Psychedelic Seminars & Tam Integration.

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