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Boom Festival 2018

Hello supporter!

We are seeking professional and personal sponsors in order to produce more events and professional livestreams deepening and expanding conversations important to the psychedelic community.

Potential offerings include:

  • Listing your name or brand prominently as a premier partner on our home page and Partners page

  • Announcing your sponsorship during events to the hundreds attending in-person and thousands more online via livestream

  • Displaying your banner at events

  • Providing a table at events

  • Providing VIP event tickets including meet & greets with speakers

  • Including messages/promotion in our newsletters

  • Crediting you in videos

  • Taking your advice and input on future events and content

  • Providing strategic partnerships and brand awareness by connecting you to Psychedelic Societies around the world that we actively bridge

  • Representing you as a brand ambassador at international speaking appearances like Boom Festival and Psychedelic Science


Most importantly, your financial support will directly empower PsychSems to progress and expand honest conversations around the benefits and risks of psychedelics, build supportive community, dig into difficult questions, and help our culture build a more mature relationship with psychedelics.


We will be able to hire more team members and hosts, produce more events and videos, highlight more guests with important perspectives to share, and cover associated costs including venues, flights, and professional livestreaming.

More of our work is available on our Past Events page.

If you would like more information, please inquire at info@psychsems.com.

Know potential sponsors? 10% commission available.

If you would like to support at a more modest level, please see our Donate page.

Thank you!

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